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Intensifying Foreign-aid Training on Small Hydropower and Promoting Capacity-building of Developing Countries(PDF)
Hangzhou Yatai, Marketing for Future(PDF)
Hangzhou Yatai, A WAY TO SUCCESS(PDF)
International Training Workshops/Seminars Run by HRC with Some Group Photos Attached
Training Opportunities in 2018 (Word)
Tanzania Country Report (PDF)
Ethiopia Country Report (PDF)
Pakistan Country Report (PDF)
Nepal Country Report (PDF)
China invites scientists to jointly build digital Silk Road
New energy electricity generation hikes in Xinjiang
Nepal holds energy investment allure
Pakistan lowers electricity price by 2.99 rupees per unit
Renewable energy more available in Morocco with rising share in power structure
Morocco, Finland keen to step up cooperation in clean energy
China's green development creates opportunities, boosts cooperation
Small hydro in Samoa increasing via rehabilitation and development project
Financing for 45-MW Kumbih 3 hydro project in Indonesia moves forward
China's endeavor to build clean, beautiful country contributes to global ecological development
2017 Seminar on Small Hydropower Development and Management for Central and East European Countries Inaugurated in HRC (2017-12-12)
HRC Delegation Visited Laos and Indonesia for Enhancing Cooperation with ASEAN (2017-12-12)
Deputy Director General of IE under Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade Visited HRC (2017-11-21)
Seminar on Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Energy Transformation Held Successfully in HRC (2017-11-21)
A Kicking-off Meeting on the Key Project of Strategic International Sci-tech Innovation Cooperation under the National Major R&D Program Held by HRC (2017-11-21)
Guests from Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Visited HRC (2017-11-20)
The President of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University of Ethiopia Visited HRC (2017-11-06)
2017 Training Course on SHP and Rural Electrification for Rwanda held successfully in Kigali (2017-10-18)
2017 Seminar on Small Hydropower and Sustainable Development of Rural Communities for ASEAN Countries Successfully Concluded in Hangzhou (2017-10-11)
Azerbaijan: A significant focus on small hydropower (2017-09-13)
Scientists release roadmap to guide 139 countries to 100% renewables, including hydro (2017-09-13)
Small hydro booming in Brazil as country nears energy surplus (2017-09-13)
Four run-of-river hydropower plants planned for Quang Nam in Vietnam
Officials lay cornerstone for Cameroon's 30MW Lom Pangar hydroelectric plant
HRC's Annual Report for 2016(PDF)
HRC's Annual Report for 2015(PDF)
HRC's Annual Report for 2014(PDF)
HRC's Annual Report for 2013(PDF)
Establishing a Scientific Outlook on Development in Rural Areas to Promote the Healthy Development of Hydropower
Mr Tian Zhongxing: Small Hydropower, Big Strategy
Several Issues Regarding Developing Rural Hydropower in China
A Survey of SHP Development in China

Micro Hydropower Equipment
SHP computer-based supervision & protection system

Consumer power-A new label for green electricity products
Investing in China

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