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HRC Co-launches the Scientific and Technical Innovation Cooperation Initiative for International Water Youth at the 10th World Water Forum

---On May 21, the youth session of launching the Scientific and Technical Innovation Cooperation Initiative for International Water Youth, was successfully held at the Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia, as a part of the Bali Youth Plan of the 10th World Water Forum. The Youth Initiative was proposed and drafted by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI) and co-launched by Hangzhou Regional Center (Asia-Pacific) for Small Hydro Power (HRC), Youth commission of the Chinese National Commission for the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (Youth-CNC-IAHS), the World Water Council Youth Delegates (WWC-YD), Water Youth Network (WYN), South African Youth Parliament for Water (SAYPW), etc. Co-initiators, dozens of representatives from China, Indonesia, India, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, and relevant international youth organizations participated in the youth session. Mr. Xu Zhifeng, Director-General of HRC, attended the youth session and delivered the welcoming speech.

Mr. Dai Jiqun, President of NHRI, announced the launch of the Scientific and Technical Innovation Cooperation Initiative for International Water Youth, welcoming more youth organizations and scholars in the water sector to join and participate in the Youth Initiative to better leverage youth advantages and contribute to the development of the water sector. Mr. Xu Zhifeng, Director-General of HRC, along with Salvatore Grimaldi, President-Elect of IAHS, Maitreyi Koduganti Venkata, President of WYN, and Olivier Normand, Program Coordinator of International Secretariat of Water, delivered the speeches at the youth session. Mr. Xu Zhifeng remarked that it is important to build exchange platforms for young scientists, encourage young talents to get involved in and innovate water management concepts, technical methods, and technological products, and cultivate outstanding young talents in water science and technology to work together to address global water challenges.

Youth delegates from the International Joint Research Center of Water Science and Water Engineering, ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE), and International Water Association Young Water Professionals (IWA-YWP) made invited presentations on the experience and achivements of water youth scientific and technological innovation cooperation.. Representatives from WYN, African Youth Parliament for Water (AYPW) and WWC-YD held a panel discussion on the next step for water youth STI cooperation. They proposed that we should enhance multidisciplinary and cross-field research capabilities, learn from each other to integrate into global innovation networks, create an open and inclusive international water youth community, and promote the mutual benefits and sharing of water STI outcomes. Ms. Shi Jin, Secretary-General of Youth-CNC-IAHS and Director of International Cooperation and Training of HRC, delivered the concluding remarks. She expressed gratitude to the World Water Council, the 10th World Water Forum Organizing Committee, and other supporting organizations, stating that the co-initiators would take further and concrete actions, maintain close cooperation with their partners, fully fulfill the commitments of the Youth Initiative and make our contributions to the water and hydropower sector.

In recent years, HRC has played an active role in major international water events, including the 10th World Water Forum, the 6th Cairo Water Week, the 18th World Water Congress, the 6th China-Arab States Expo Water Resources Forum, etc. Based on International Human Resources Training Base for Green Hydropower, China-Pakistan “Belt and Road” Joint Laboratory on Small Hydropower Technology, International Sci-tech Cooperation Base for Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification in Zhejiang, and Youth-CNC-IAHS, HRC has conducted extensive international exchanges, joint research, capacity building, and standard co-construction in the water and hydropower sector. HRC has also organized international competitions for water young professionals, recommended overseas young professionals for further studies in China, contributed to the Belt and Road cooperation in water conservanc, worked to enhance mutual understanding and support, and advanced the achievement of the water-related United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.(2024-05-30)

Announcement of the Youth Initiative by Prof. Dai Jiqun, President of NHRI

Welcoming Speech by Mr. Xu Zhifeng, Director-General of HRC

Group Photo of Co-initiators

Group Photo


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