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The Project "China-Pakistan Joint Research on SHP Technology" Progressing Smoothly

---On October 24, 2023, our technical team for the Strategic Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation Project under the National Key R&D Program, titled "China-Pakistan Joint Research on SHP Technology" in Pakistan successfully completed on-site technical services and returned to China on schedule. During their stay in Pakistan, the team accomplished the construction of intelligent centralized control center and SHP-based off-grid hybrid power generation system respectively for Ranger I&II demonstrative hydropower sites. Meanwhile, relying on the existing scientific research platform of the "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center on Small Hydropower" at Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET), system upgrading and function expansion have been carried out, and the platform of grid-connected hybrid power generation system based on hydropower, wind power and solar power has been built to display the real-time operation of Ranger I&II hydropower plants online. Great progress has been made in the implementation of the Project, which is fully prepared for the project acceptance at the end of this year.

The project "China-Pakistan Joint Research on SHP Technology" is a key component of the construction of "China-Pakistan Belt & Road Joint Lab on Small Hydropower Technology". Since the approval of the "Belt and Road" Joint Laboratory in 2019, HRC has conducted joint research, capacity building, technology demonstration and promotion with Pakistan on renewable energy and rural electrification, which has rapidly spread to other South Asian countries and achieved good socioeconomic and livelihood benefits. At the just-concluded the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the establishment of "China-Pakistan Belt & Road Joint Lab on Small Hydropower Technology" was included among the list of Pragmatic Cooperation Projects. (2023-11-07)

Scientific research platform on hybrid power generation and intelligent centralized control

Hydro-wind-solar hybrid power generation system


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