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HRC Completed Two China-Aid Training Programs Successfully

---Entrusted by China Development Cooperation Agency and the Ministry of Commerce of China, supported by Human Resources Training Base for Belt and Road Initiative and China Society for Hydropower Engineering, Seminar on Water Safety Management and Seminar on Rural Electrification and Poverty Reduction for African Countries were successfully held online by HRC in September. A total of 58 officials and technicians from Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Africa, Suriname, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Zambia attended the online seminars.

Representatives from think tanks, scholars from universities and experts from research institutes were invited to give technical lectures, sharing China's achievements, technologies and solutions in the fields of water security and rural electrification. Online visits to renowned water conservancy projects, rural electrification projects, poverty alleviation and livelihood projects were also arranged during the seminars. Besides, the seminars provided a platform for participants to have in-depth exchanges on the priority issues of the industry, and development status and cooperation demand in water and energy sector among participating countries.

The two China-aid seminars built a platform for cooperation on water conservancy and energy between China and other developing countries, publicizing Chinese technology and standards, enhancing the sustainable development of the participating countries in the field of water and energy and promoting the high-quality development of Belt and Road cooperation.(2022-10-14)

Opening Ceremony of Seminar on Water Safety Management

Closing Ceremony of Seminar on Rural Electrification and Poverty Reduction for African Countries

Technical Presentations

Country Report by Seminar Participant


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