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Seminar on Electrification Mode based on Clean Energy for Belt and Road Countries was Successfully Held by HRC

---Entrusted by China International Development Cooperation Agency and the Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China, the Seminar on Electrification Mode based on Clean Energy for Belt and Road Countries was successfully held from May 15th to 28th in Hangzhou. This seminar was the 159th international training programs organized by HRC since its establishment in 1981, and a total of 21 participants from 8 developing countries, including Bolivia, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, and Uzbekistan were enrolled for the seminar.

As global environmental and climate issues become increasingly severe, promoting a green, low-carbon, and sustainable development mode has become an international consensus. Under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China continues to deepen its cooperation with the Belt and Road countries in the field of clean energy, playing a significant role in promoting global green and low-carbon development, facilitating regional economic transformation and upgrading, enhancing international cooperation and improving people's livelihood. Based on extensive research on the needs for energy development of the Belt and Road countries, HRC formulated a feasible implementation plan and provided all seminar participants a platform for diverse learning experiences and international cooperation and exchange, through various forms, including in-class presentations, case study, field visits and investigations, academic conference and discussions.

At the opening ceremony held in Yucun Village, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, the seminar participants witnessed the inauguration of Foreign Aid Training Base for Water Conservancy and Hydropower. As the first group of participants for this base, they expressed that this learning experience with a perfect integration of theory and practice, greatly exceeded their expectations. The training base, jointly established by HRC, the People's Government of Anji County, the Water Resources Bureau of Anji County, and the People's Government of Tianhuangping Town, aims to profoundly promote the high-quality development of foreign aid training, and effectively implement the construction of an international communication highland for ecological civilization philosophy.

During the seminar, HRC invited senior industry experts and scholars to deliver presentations on China's basic national conditions, development situations of clean energy industry, experience and practical technologies of clean energy projects development, and to have profound exchanges with participants from different countries. At the same time, the seminar participants also attended the 10th Hydropower for Today Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, where they listened to special reports on the value realization of hydropower ecological products, financing and investment, new technologies of small hydropower and its applications, and standards assisting rural sustainable development. In addition, the seminar participants went on field trips to Yucun Village of Anji County, National Water Museum of China, Laoshikan Hydro Power Plant, Fushi Hydro Power Plant, Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station, Shanghai Electric Group, etc. and had on-site exchanges with technical experts and staff. They also paid visits to the West Lake and Hefang Street in Hangzhou and the Bund in Shanghai for cultural experiences, which further enrich their experiences during the seminar.

At the closing ceremony of the seminar, Prof. Xu Zhifeng, Director General of HRC, stated that energy cooperation is a key area in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and that we are willing to strengthen cooperation in the energy field with various countries under the BRI framework, and jointly promote the sustainable development of global energy. Ms. Dono Maripovna Gulyamova, a chief specialist from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uzbekistan, gave a speech on behalf of the participants about the gains and experiences from the seminar. She expressed sincere gratitude to HRC for establishing a learning and exchange platform for the energy development of various countries, and for providing the comprehensive care during the seminar, from which they have gained a lot and will benefit for a lifetime. (2024-06-11)

Inauguration Ceremony of Foreign Aid Training Base for Water Conservancy and Hydropower & Opening Ceremony of Seminar on Electrification Mode based on Clean Energy for Belt and Road Countries

In-class Presentation

Attending the 10th Hydropower for Today Forum

Field Visit to Small Hydro Power Plant

Cultural Experiences of Shanghai City

Certificate Awarding for the Participants, by XU Zhifeng, Director General of HRC

A Group Photo of the Seminar Participants


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