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Instructions on the Scholarship Master Program on Water Professionals under the "Belt and Road" Initiative

Under the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China set up the "Sill Road" scholarship in 2016 with an aim to cultivate high-level talents for countries along the Belt and Road. To fully implement this program, the Ministry of Education is working with the Ministry of Water Resources to offer scholarships to 30 applicants each year who are working in the water-related field, to have a further study in Hohai University (http://cie.hhu.edu.cn, http://ie.hhu.edu.cn) in Nanjing, China. This program aims to carry out capacity building for applicants, share water-related experience and technology, and deepen cooperation in the water-related field between two countries.

Degree and Education Duration:
The project carries out a flexible schooling system. The duration is minimum 2 years and no more than 5 years.

Majors to be included:
·Hydrology and Water Resources
·Hydraulics and River Dynamics
·Hydraulic Structure Engineering
·Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering
·Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
·Agricultural Engineering
·Civil Engineering
·Environmental Science and Engineering
·Resettlement Science and Engineering
·Public Administration

The applicant should have a bachelor degree or above (preferably in science or engineering), under the age of 35 (born after Sept. 1st, 1983).
Those who hold IELTS or TOEFL certificate issued within two years will enjoy the priority to be enrolled.
Applicants of the following are preferred:
1. Government officials working for water-related policy making, project management, river basin planning, river treatment, farmland irrigation, rural domestic water supply, etc.
2. Specialists working for organizations or institutes that are affiliated or close to the government;
3. Teachers or professors working in universities or colleges for hydro-related courses;
4. Persons in charge working for hydropower-related companies.

Applications should be submitted before Apr. 26, 2018.

Application Documents:
1) A recommendation letter from the head of the applicant's current working or studying institute;
2) A copy of diploma and degree; those to be graduated are expected to provide proof of graduation;
3) A statement of purpose, including personal experience, the professional background and research plan, 400-800 words;
4) Application form; (see attached Application Form)
5) Health report; (see attached Physical Examination Form, scan of health report is preferred)
6) The valid IELTS or TOEFL certificate (within 2 years, if there's any).

The scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance and living allowance (living allowance is 3000RMB/month). The scholarship excludes the international travelling expenses.

The dormitory facilities include the bed, mattress, desk, closet, chair, hot water, internet access, toilet and public laundry room.

Please contact:
Hangzhou Regional Center (Asia & Pacific) for Small Hydro Power (HRC)
Add.: No. 122, Xueyuan Road, Hangzhou 310012, China
Phone: +86 571 56729101 / +86 571 56729283
Email: hzhang@hrcshp.org / nlin@hrcshp.org

Kind reminder:
Friends from Africa and Lancang-Mekong River Countries are not included inside this Program. Please excuse and kindly understand. There will be other opportunities in the near future.

Applicationform(DOC) Physicalexaminationform(PDF) Programs'Description(PDF)



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