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Guidelines to Authors

We are looking for the following types of contributions.

(1) Your response to an article of the previous issue of the newsletter.

(2) Short articles describing SHP development in your country which have created a social and/or economic impact. Even failure stories which highlight key implementation problems are welcome.

(3) News about a country/region. The news could cover policy,regulations,institutional issues and finance approaches in the SHP section. 

(4) State-of-the art and or/new ideas and trends of SHP technology in various countries or worldwide.

(5) Market conditions of SHP construction.

(6) Major events about future conferences or a summary of some interesting conferences that has taken place in the last 3/4 months.

(7) Review of a book which could be of interest to our readers.

(8) Short proposals for collaborative work amongst members.

Please provide only essential references. Interested readers may seek further references directly from the authors.

The above list is indicative. Please send us any material which you think will interest our readers.  Contributions can be sent preferably by E-mail to


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