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About the newsletter

The quarterly journal "SHP NEWS" was firstly published on May,1984 by HRC under the sponsorship of UNDP/UN-ESCAP-REDP(Regional Energy Development Program) in association with UNIDO. It was officially permitted for publication with an ISSN No.0256-3118(International Standard Serial Number). The major objective of the journal is for constant exchange of information and experience in the small hydro power(SHP) section among Asian-Pacific countries and/or worldwide. The comprehensive coverage of "SHP NEWS" includes:
(1) General information of SHP development in relevant developing countries.
(2) State-of -the art and/or new ideas and trends of SHP technology in various countries or worldwide.
(3) Technical experience of SHP development, including articles written by experts and staff.
(4) Policy, regulations, institutional issues and finance approaches in the SHP section.
(5) Market conditions of SHP construction.
(6) Opportunities for SHP business, including technical consultations and services, equipment supply, etc..
(7) Major events and international activities in the SHP section mainly in developing countries.
(8) SHP news

Since 1984, 95 issues of "SHP NEWS" have been edited, published and disseminated to more than 30,000 readers in about 113 countries in the world. Our readers include individual persons and institutional organizations, such as relevant government officials, experts(technicians), professors(teachers), SHP institution or NGO staffs, etc. Organizations may include government sections, universities, research institutes, SHP developers, consultant Corps. operations, manufacturers, financial and legal institutions, etc. Our training workshop trainees are special readers and contributors of the journal. There have been about 2000 technical persons participated in 90 more training workshop held by HRC during the past 3 decades. Most of them keep contact with us and offer articles and /or information to the journal, forming a vital source of the publication.

We hope to continue obtaining enthusiastic concern, encouragement and support from our readers. Contributions,advertisement and comments made on the journal are warmly welcome.


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