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Key Project of Strategic Sci.-tech. Innovation Cooperation under the National Major R&D Program of China Called "China-Pakistan Joint Research on SHP Technology" Undertaken by HRC

---Recently, "China-Pakistan Joint Research on SHP Technology", a Key Project of Strategic Sci.-tech. Innovation Cooperation under the National Major R&D Program of China, was approved and undertaken by HRC. The execution period of this research project is three years, and by means of technical exchanges, mutual visits, joint research, technical showcases and personnel training, SHP technical standard and basic database shall be formulated, and technical demonstrations on hybrid power-generation and cascade monitoring & control shall be established, thus realizing the overall target on setting up the China-Pakistan SHP "Belt and Road" Joint Laboratory.

HRC, together with Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET), had long been in cooperation of developing SHP and other renewable energy technologies. In 2015, "China-Pakistan Joint Research Centre for Small Hydropower" was officially set up after being unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Pakistani counterpart. In 2019, the Centre was accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to be one of the first fourteen "Belt and Road" Joint Laboratories. The project, now based on the cooperation achievements between China and Pakistan, will further expand the breadth and depth of mutual cooperation, promote the long-term construction of joint laboratory, build a comprehensive technology cooperation platform for SHP and other renewable energies between China and Pakistan, and continuously enhance its influence to the South Asian Region.

On 31st December 2020, an internal meeting was held in HRC to discuss the implementation plan, work arrangements, expected outcomes, time nodes and other essential issues of the research project. Some work is specifically assigned to project members, and it was also decided to have the kicking-off meeting together with foreign partners in Mid-January, 2021. (2021-01-12)


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