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Training Course on Hydropower Operation and Management in Zambia Concluded with Success

---Local time 14:00 December 6, 2019, the closing ceremony of Training Course on Hydropower Operation and Management in Zambia was held in Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka, which is the 118th training course or seminar that HRC has conducted to this date and the first training course held by HRC in Zambia. The number of participants of the training course totals 90, and they are from ZESCO Limited and the local staff from the construction site of Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Project.

The training course included not only technical presentations covering topics of Overview of Hydropower and Rural Electrification in China, Hydropower Planning, Work Safety Standardization of Hydropower Plant, Operation and Management of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Hydropower Plant, Hydraulic Structures, Power Transmission Technology, Hydropower Standards Comparison, etc., but also field visits to the on-going Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Project site and Kariba Hydropower Plant for on-site study and visit. Besides, exchange and discussions were also carried out during the training course on topics of international cooperation between China and Zambia on hydropower project and operation and management of hydropower plants. In addition, the training course has also attached great importance to the dissemination of Chinese traditional culture. For example, the training group taught the participants simple Chinese language every day before the technical presentation and study tour to the Confucius Institute in the University of Zambia was also arranged. With the guidance from Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the Chinese Embassy in Zambia, and the support from Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co., Ltd., the 30-day training course was concluded fruitfully. Through sharing the Chinese technology and experience, the training course was highly spoken of by the participants, and the participants are eager to see more concrete and effective cooperation realized between China and Zambia in the field of hydropower development, especially the operation and management of hydropower.

Present at the closing ceremony were Mr. Ouyang Daobing, Economic and Commercial Counselor from Chinese Embassy in Zambia, Mrs. Franscesca Zyambo, Director of Planning and Information of Ministry of Energy of Zambia, Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Director General of HRC, Mr. Wang Junzhou, Representative of Sinohydro in Zambia, Mr. Zhang Taofeng, Deputy Manager of African Branch of Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co., Ltd., etc.

During the training course, HRC group visited the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of Chinese Embassy in Zambia, ZESCO Limited, Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co., Ltd, etc. in an effort to reach consensus on the foreign-aid training programs, capacity building, project cooperation, etc. in the not-too-distant future. (2019-12-24)

Technical Presentation

Visit to Kariba Hydropower Plant

Closing Ceremony

Presentation of Training Certificates by Participants


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