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HRC Visited Austria and Serbia for the Implementation of National Key R&D Program of China and Sci-tech Exchange

---From October 27 to November 3, 2019, HRC's delegation, headed by Dr. Xu Jincai, Director General of HRC, visited the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Austria and the University of Belgrade of Serbia, carrying out exchanges on "Sustainable Hydropower Use and Integration in China and Europe (SHUI-ChE)" project under the China-Europe Water Platform (CEWP) and implementing the National Key R&D Program of China called "Joint Research on the Development Technology of Low-head Run-of-the-river Hydropower", also an inter-governmental cooperation project between China and Serbia.

Dr. Xu and his delegation paid visits to the Nussdorf low-head small hydropower plant, the channel experiment done by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Austria, the Freudenau low-head hydropower plant, and exchanged deeply with the Austrian counterpart. The major topics included the progress of SHUI-ChE project under CEWP, and the assessment of green ecological restoration for small hydropower (SHP) and the policy compensation mechanism under the background of the SHP greening and rehabilitation in China's Yangtze River Economic Belt, etc. The follow-up work plan was also proposed initially between both sides.

Visiting Nussdorf SHP plant and the experimental channel on Danube

Discussing the Progress of SHUI-ChE project under CEWP

The Inauguration of China-Serbia "Joint Research and Training Center for Small Hydropower" and the Seminar on Low-head Small Hydropower Technologies were jointly conducted in Serbia by Dr. Xu and Prof. Milos Nedeljkovic from the University of Belgrade and their respective teams. Both sides visited the laboratory of hydraulic machinery in the University and an irrigation channel on Danube in Kajtasovo, and collected relevant data. Then, both sides had an in-depth discussion about low-head hydraulic turbine simulation, low-head hydropower development on irrigation channels and adaptability of SHP technology in southeastern Europe, etc., and clarified their own responsibilities and cooperation contents in the follow-up work. (2019-11-08)

Assessing the Low-head Hydropower Development for Irrigation Channels on Danube

Establishing China-Serbia "Joint Research and Training Center for Small Hydropower" and Discussing the Follow-up Work Plan



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