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PROCLEAN General Construction & Energy Consultancy and Development Company visited HRC

---From July 9 to 11, 2019, the President of PROCLEAN General Construction & Energy Consultancy and Development Company in the Philippines led a 3-person delegation to visit HRC. Both sides discussed the cooperation on the building-up of solar-powered irrigation systems, and the progress and follow-up work of the ongoing China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund project called "Renewable Energy Assessment and Demonstration for Islands of ASEAN Countries".

As one of the foreign partners for implementing the project of China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund, Proclean is mainly responsible for assessing the renewable energy resources of the typical islands in the Philippines, making the development proposal and building a demonstrative hybrid power-generation project which integrates wind power, solar energy and hydropower, together with HRC.

In recent years, with the fruitful research on technology and equipment of solar-powered irrigation systems, HRC has built demonstrative sites in Peru, Uganda and other countries. The solar-powered irrigation projects to be built by HRC sooner in the Philippines, will expand the application of Chinese water technology in rural areas of developing countries and promote the cooperation between HRC and other partners in the world for the sharing of related technology and E/M equipment.(2019-07-17)



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