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HRC Visited The Philippines and Indonesia for Implementing The China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund Project

---From February 23rd to March 7th, 2019, a delegation of HRC visited the Philippines and Indonesia for implementing the project financed by the China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund, which is called the Renewable Energy Assessment and Demonstration for Islands of ASEAN Countries.

The overall objective of the project are putting forward decentralized hybrid power generation and supply mode appropriated to ASEAN countries, carrying out simulation experimental research, and the setting-up of demonstrative projects through the way of sharing the assessment approaches and the technologies of renewable energy resources on islands. The project is to improve the capacity of ASEAN countries for the assessment and development of island energy resources, train the professionals, and also enhance the exchange and cooperation among China and ASEAN countries for the developing island renewable energies, and promote the development and utilization of energy resources on islands of ASEAN countries, which will accumulate experience for the construction of Maritime Silk Road.

The delegation preliminarily collected the information on developing status of renewable energy such as hydropower, solar, wind and ocean energy and learnt about the developing and regulating status of small hydropower resources in the Philippines and Indonesia. After the investigation and comparison of the sites in the two countries, one hydropower station in the Philippines was selected as a demonstrative site. Meanwhile, the setting-up of a demonstration on hybrid power generation system of hydropower, solar, wind and ocean energy in East Java, Indonesia is planned, and the simulation experimental research will be carried out to put forward the decentralized hybrid power generation and supply mode appropriated to ASEAN countries (2019-03-22)



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