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The Kick-off Meeting of China-Serbia Inter-governmental Cooperative Project under National Key R&D Program of China Held Successfully

---On December 12th, 2018, the kicking-off meeting of the key special project of Inter-governmental International Sci.-Tech Innovation Cooperation under the National Key R&D Program called "China-Serbia Joint Research on the Development Technology of Low-head Run-of-the-river Hydropower" was held in HRC, Hangzhou, with the attendance of the experts from International Center on Small Hydro Power, Department of Water Resources of Zhejiang Province, Hydropower Development Management Center of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Economic Information Center, Hangzhou Jianghe Hydro-Electric Science & Technology Co., Ltd, etc. as well as five professors from the University of Belgrade of Serbia as the cooperative partner of the project, joined in the discussion via wechat communication.

At the meeting, the project team introduced the project background, the work has been done and the follow-up plan. Based on the project, both Chinese and Serbian sides shall jointly carry out the assessment and planning on hydropower recourses development of a certain river in Serbia so as to compile the "Hydropower Resources Development Planning of a Typical River", develop a simulation system of hydropower plant focused on the technology of low-head run-of-the–river development, and set up a demonstrative SHP plant and a "Joint Research and Training Center for SHP Technology" in Serbia, which will lay a solid foundation for the establishment of "SHP Technology and E/M Equipment Research & Fabrication Base for West Asia, East Europe and Caucasian Regions"

Meanwhile, the expert team discussed the research objectives in accordance with the commitments and fully affirmed the positive influence of this project on the technical exchange and capacity building between China and Serbia. As an effective "going-out" practice of SHP technology under the framework of "the Belt & Road Initiative", it is suggested to further itemize the research contents and focus on the research priorities in order to ensure an effective implementation.

After the meeting, the project members of both sides had an in-depth exchange on next follow-up work and the selection of a demonstrative hydropower site. (2019-01-09)



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