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HRC and Hohai University Jointly Established a Practice Base for International Students

---On 9th October, HRC signed a cooperation agreement of "Jointly Establishing a Practice Base for International Students" with Hohai University. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen personnel training and exchanges in relevant fields, promote the educational innovation of international students, and improve the pertinence and applicability of high-level personnel training. They will also make full use of the advantages of international students to enhance the combination of production, education and research, and facilitate the international cooperation and the "Belt and Road" construction.

HRC has implemented 105 seminars or training workshops for more than 2000 participants from 113 countries. A lot of participants raised the demand for further studying in China. This year, six students recommended by HRC, from Afghanistan, Laos, Uganda, Guyana and other countries in Asian, Africa and Latin America, received the "Belt and Road" high-level talent scholarship on water resources. Now they are studying for their master's degree at Hohai University.(2018-10-12)



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