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HRC Visited the Philippines for Renewable Energy Cooperation with ASEAN Countries

---At the invitation of PROCLEAN Energy Consultancy and Development, two staffs of HRC visited the Philippines for undertaking multi-lateral cooperation on the development of renewable energy with ASEAN countries during July 13-19, 2018, in order to facilitate the China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund Project called "Renewable Energy Assessment and Demonstration for Islands of ASEAN Countries".

During the visit, the delegation had a fruitful discussion with the Department of Agriculture of the Philippines for developing solar-powered irrigation systems, and investigated the to-be-rehabilitated water supply systems using solar power instead of diesel generator and also reached consensus for the forthcoming rehabilitation of old hydropower plants in Palawan island. Furthermore, the delegates shared information about the assessment approaches and the developing technologies of renewable energy resources on islands, the decentralized hybrid power generation & supply mode, the simulation experimental research and the setting-up of demonstrative projects etc.

The so-called project of "Renewable Energy Assessment and Demonstration for Islands of ASEAN Countries" is to improve the capacity of ASEAN countries for the assessment and development of island energy resources, train the professionals, enhance the exchange and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries for the developing island renewable energies, and promote the development and utilization of energy resources on islands of ASEAN countries, which will finally accelerate the construction of Maritime Silk Road. Presently, the project is being prepared with main engagements for technical exchange, trainings of managerial and technical personnel, investigation & assessment of energy resources and drafting of planning proposal etc. together with ASEAN countries, with the final goal of setting up the "China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Training Center on Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification".(2018-07-31)

Technical Exchange on the Decentralized Hybrid Power Generation & Supply Mode and the Simulation Experimental Research etc.

Investigation on the To-be-rehabilitated Water Supply Systems



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