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Chinese Minister made a study trip to China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower

---On July 8, 2017, the 18th meeting of the Joint Commission on Science and Technology Cooperation between China and Pakistan was held in Islamabad. China Science and Technology Minister Mr Wan Gang co-chaired the meeting with Pakistani Minister of Science and Technology Rana Tampere Hussein. The two sides exchanged views with focus on issues such as technology transfer, biotechnology, disaster prevention and mitigation, marine science and joint funding projects, and reached a consensus on the future planning of cooperation between China and Pakistan.

Science & technology cooperation is an important part of China-Pakistan all-weather strategic partnership. At present, China and Pakistan are to jointly build "The Belt and Road Initiative" as an opportunity to continue to promote all areas and all-round cooperation. During his visit to Pakistan, Minister Wan Gang visited Pakistan Renewable Energy Technology Council to investigate the progress of the "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower", which was jointly established by HRC and Pakistan, and explored deeply on the further cooperation of developing photovoltaic power generation, hydropower, wind energy and so on. "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower" is one of the eight China-Pakistan cooperation projects jointly launched by the Chinese President Xi Jinping during the state visit to Pakistan in April 2015, together with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

On April 20, 2015 in Islamabad, Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping together with Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif unveiled the nameplates for "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower" and "China Cultural Center in Islamabad" and etc.

Taking the advantage of minister's visit to the "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower", HRC will continue to deepen and strengthen scientific and technological innovation cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries in the field of clean renewable energy and rural electrification technology, on the basis of the existing good cooperation. HRC will spare no efforts in devoting itself to deepening and expanding bilateral cooperation and enhancing the relationship between China and Pakistan.

Gradually make the four overseas centers "real" by HRC

Guided by the action plan of scientific and technological innovation in the framework of "The Belt and Road Initiative", HRC is transforming "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower" into " SHP R+D & Pilot Base for South Asia "; set Indonesia as the center, establishing "China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center for Renewable Energy"; cooperate with the African Union in Ethiopia to establish "China-Africa Technology Transfer, Research and Training Center for Clean Energy and Rural Electrification"; set Serbia as the center, establishing "SHP Technology and Equipment Development Base for West Asia, East Europe and Caucasian Region". The next step of HRC is to seize the opportunity, with the strong support of the Chinese government and international organizations, we will gradually make the four overseas centers "real". Among HRC's around 1900 international participants from 112 countries, let some of the excellent ones be HRC's "staff" for the four overseas centers. HRC will double its efforts to conduct scientific research and industrial cooperation. Supported by the hybrid technology of "photovoltaic power generation, hydropower, wind energy", the technological progress will be promoted as to achieve production capacity and benefit the livelihood of the local people's. In order to realize the rural electrification for the countries along "The Belt and Road Initiative" and cope with global challenges in energy, environment, climate change and etc, HRC is to make due contribution for the people's well-being.(2017-07-21)



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