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Previous Participant from Zimbabwe Visited HRC

   ---On 16 April, Mr. Maphosa, previous participant from Zimbabwe, revisited HRC. The participant attended the training workshop on small hydropower in 2003, and now he has been promoted to General Manager of Kariba Hydropower Company of Zimbabwe. Mr. Maphosa happily recalled on the good time when he took part in the training workshop on small hydropower 12 years ago, attended by 37 fellow participants from 24 countries at that time. He is also feeling the changes that have taken place in HRC, the spacious lobby, the beautiful officeˇ­ˇ­

   Ms Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, and Mr. Pan Daqing, Assistant to Director received the old participant from afar. Director Cheng introduced the small hydropower business HRC has conducted in recent years, and expressed her willingness to have concrete cooperation with Zimbabwe side in the field of hydropower. Mr. Pan informed Mr. Maphosa that HRC will undertake several foreign-aid training programs on SHP this year, and welcome participants from his organization to come.

   Before leaving, Mr. Maphosa took several photos at Director's office, the lobby and HRC's front gate excitedly. (2015-04-22)



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