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2013 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for English-Speaking African Countries Concluded Successfully

   ---On 26th November, a sunshiny day in Hangzhou, the 2013 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for English-Speaking African Countries concluded successfully. Based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, African participants and HRC training team, this 42-day foreign-aid training program entrusted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has achieved fruitful results.

   The grand ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall. Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, Honorary Director of HRC, and 15 participants (the participant from Liberia departed one day earlier due to flight arrangement) from 9 English-Speaking African countries attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Mr. Pan Daqing, Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC.

   Due to an unexpected urgent task, Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief of Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, was unable to be present at the closing ceremony but sent a written speech instead, which was read out in full by Mr. Pan. In the speech, as entrusted by the leaders of the Department of Aid to Foreign Countries of the Ministry of Commerce, and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Fan extend his warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the training workshop, expressed his heartfelt thanks to HRC for having fulfilled the mission from the Ministry of Commerce, organized the training workshop in a scientific and professional way and made immense contributions to the successful conclusion of this training workshop. He also express his respect to all the participants in this training workshop for having overcome barriers on languages, habits and customs, etc. to finish all the training courses based on the joint efforts. It was highlighted in the speech that "In this March, China's president Xi Jinping paid a visit to Africa during which he stated that, in strengthening friendship with Africa, China will seek to cultivate kinship-like qualities in the relationship. The Chinese and African people are naturally attached to each other. China will always regard African countries as its real friends, with a friendship that has been sealed in adversity. People in China and Africa should strengthen unity and cooperation in pursuit of a dream of the world which shall feature sustained peace and common prosperity. During his visit, President Xi, on behalf of Chinese people, made a series of solemn commitments to African people, including earnestly implementing the "African Talents Program", according to which in the next three years China will train 30,000African professionals in various sectors and offer 18,000 scholarships to overseas students from Africa. China and Africa have always been a community of shared destinies. With their joint efforts, China-Africa relations have embarked on a fast track of development in an all-round way. China has implemented up to 900 foreign-aid programs for Africa, training over 40,000 personnel of various professions. In 2012, China-Africa trade volume approached $200 billion and the annual exchange of personnel exceeded 1.5 million". In the speech, Mr. Fan also introduced to the participants the achievements made by Zhejiang Province since China's reform and opening up, and he hoped that the participants would often go back to Zhejiang to look around, strengthen the contact and communication with HRC, exchange technology and share experience, and promote cooperation in the field of SHP, so as to realize the common progress of all the developing countries.

   Ms. Cheng made a comprehensive summary for the activities and achievements of the training workshop. On behalf of HRC, she sent the warm congratulation to all the participants on their achievements proved by the certificates from the Ministry of Commerce of China, and she also expressed her sincere thanks to the participants for their earnest attitude and friendly cooperation shown during the training workshop. Ms. Cheng mentioned that she was glad to learn all the participants were satisfied with the productive training workshop and they felt that the time about 42 days they spent in China was pleasant. HRC had been greatly encouraged by all the high evaluations from the participants and surely would spare no effort to be better and better in future. It was also expected that after returning to their respective countries, all the participants would play more important roles in promoting the local SHP development. Ms. Cheng warmly welcomed the participants to revisit HRC, "the family of SHP in the world". It was highly expected that more communications would be strengthened and more concrete cooperation in the field of SHP would be carried out in future.

   Following the speech of Ms. Cheng, Mr. Zhu delivered some supplement for the consideration of the participants. He addressed that based on 42-day diligent work, including all the presentation and the job-site visits, the participants "might have understood why and how SHP development in China could be that quick with that large scale and how this work brings about substantial benefit to the rural people". He believed that "What China can achieve, your countries should also be capable to achieve sooner or later." In addition to learning professional knowledge, the various culture activities strengthened the friendship. Mr. Zhu said: "We all understand that exchange promotes mutual understanding; mutual understanding enhances mutual trust and mutual trust will lead to pragmatic cooperation. In this regards, your bridge function for our future cooperation is highly expected and the blossom of our friendship will hopefully bear fruit in the near future".

    On behalf of all the participants, Mr. Nitinsingh Seeburrun from Mauritius delivered a speech. He said with emotion: "First of all we would like to extend our profound gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Chinese government particularly the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China for entrusting the HRC to conduct this training workshop. The training involves 16 participants from 10 countries and of different professional backgrounds. Our lectures focused mainly on the small hydropower technology and its development in China. In this regards, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the lecturers for their informative presentations. Notwithstanding, we would like to highlight that the schedule was well detailed and prepared in the most diligent way. The study tours organized by HRC allowed us to acquire further information and explanations from officials, experts and manufacturers. We really feel obliged to HRC for its generosity, warm hospitality and continuous assistance. Our hearty thanks goes to Mr. Pan the Chief of Foreign Affairs and training and his wonderful team for making us feel at home though being far away from home, Mr. Feng for caring to our small needs with good and delicious food ensuring that our appetite was always satisfied, to the staff of HRC and Rudi Hotel and to all those who contributed to make our stay a comfortable and memorable one. In conclusion and on behalf of fellow participants I would like to assure that after completion of this training course we will endeavour to enhance and put into practice our skills and knowledge in the development of SHP stations in our respective countries. In this regard, we expect that we can utilize the contacts and the relationships that we have developed during the past 6 weeks in your lovely country. We really feel more empowered and equipped with this rich learning experience we have undergone. May the almighty bless the People's Republic of China for continuous growth and prosperity and the well-being of its citizens."

   To enthusiastic applauses, Ms. Cheng and Mr. Zhu awarded the certificates from the Ministry of Commerce to all the participants. Mr. Pan presented a souvenir from HRC to the monitor who had made good coordination services for the class. A small crystal memorial tablet was designed by all the participants and presented to HRC, expressing their high evaluation on HRC for the "warm hospitality, dedication, professionalism, knowledge and experience sharing".

   May the friendship between China and Africa is perpetual and the cooperation between China and Africa is fruitful! (2013-11-29)



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