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2012 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Francophone African Countries Concludes Successfully

   ---The "Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Francophone African Countries ", a 42-day foreign-aid training program entrusted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has been concluded successfully based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, African participants and HRC training team. The closing ceremony was held on November 28, 2012.

   The grand ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall. The HRC leaders, lecturers, training team and 35 participants from 14 countries attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Mr. Pan Daqing, Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC.

   Director of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei and Honorary Director Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang gave an address respectively, making a review of the fulfillment process of the training workshop and a summary of its abundant accomplishments, extending thanks to all the participants for their earnest attitude and friendly cooperation shown during the training workshop, as well as congratulations on the achievements proved by the certificates from the Ministry of Commerce of China. It was highly expected that the participants could be aware of the sincerity of Chinese people in helping developing countries for their progress toward modernization, and based on the training workshop, the mutual understanding, the trust, and the further cooperation would be strengthened. It was believed that after returning to their respective countries, all the participants would play more important roles in promoting the local SHP development and rural electrification, and more and more concrete cooperation in the field of SHP and other renewable energies would be carried out in near future.

   On behalf of all the participants, the monitor Mr. Luc, Chief of Inter-regional Water Section, Ministry of Water Resources of Madagascar, delivered a speech: "In the framework of China-Africa Cooperation, Chinese Government held the Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Francophone African Countries from October 18 to November 28, 2012, and HRC was entrusted to conduct it. Today, the 42-day event is going to conclude. We, 35 participants from 14 Francophone African Countries, i.e. Benin, Central Africa, Comoros, Cote dí»Ivoire, Djibouti, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Congo (Kinshasa), Madagascar, Niger, Morocco, Mali, Togo and Tunisia, attend the training workshop, which covers all the important aspects in SHP development. Based on the training, we are well informed of all the technical details concerned. During the 42 days, we are deeply impressed by the new technology and advanced experience of Chinese SHP, and our capacity of application are greatly enlarged. The unique and successful mode of China is suitable for our developing countries. It is well known that the social and economic development in Africa is restrained by many factors, and the implementation of the training workshop embodies the friendship and the assistance from Chinese Government, which is very beneficial to the promotion of development in Africa. At present, we face many difficulties, including the shortage of funds and other problems, however, a friend in need is a friend indeed, we find the most faithful friend of us --- China. We believe that China is the friend of African countries forever, and we trust China. Meanwhile, we would like to repay with the most sincere friendship. We hope that based on the platform of training, the Sino-African friendship will be continuously strengthened with good results. We will bear China in mind forever. Thank you, China, the good friend of Africa! Long live the Sino-African Cooperation! Long live HRC!"

   With warm applauses, the participants were awarded the certificates issued by the Ministry of Commerce and present with the souvenirs from HRC.

   Again, a representative of participants delivered an emotional speech. Mr. Djassah, an engineer form the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Togo said: "Once more, we want to thank you for all that HRC have done for us! Here, we promise you that the blossom of friendship would bear fruit in the near future! Just now, all of our participants have got the precious certificates, and now, we would like to, based on the common wish of all the participants, issue a CERTIFICATE to HRC, confirming that HRC is a very qualified training organizer!"

   The hall was once more filled with warm applause, and a CERTIFICATE issued by 35 participants was "solemnly" presented to Director Cheng of HRC, signifying the high evaluation and the best wishes of all the participants. On behalf of HRC, Director Cheng sincerely extended the thanks to all the participants for their full trust and great recognition, which would encourage HRC to spare no effort to make more contribution. (2012-12-03)

Speech by HRC director Ms Cheng

Director Cheng issued the certificates

A CERTIFICATE issued by 35 participants and "solemnly" presented to director Cheng of HRC

Speech by HRC honorary director Mr Zhu

Presided over by Mr Pan, Chief of Foreign Affairs & Training

Speech by Mr Luc, the representative of the participants

The multi-functional hall for the closing ceremony



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