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A Panel of Experts from IN-SHP Visited HRC

   ---On the morning of Nov. 7th, 2008, headed by Mr. Liu Heng, director of International Network on Small Hydro Power, a panel of 6 experts on studying and practicing "Scientific Outlook on Development" visited HRC. The two parties held talks on topics regarding the development trend of SHP and talent team construction. In the panel, we also had Mr. Liu Deyou, deputy director of IN-SHP and the chiefs from related departments.

   At the discussion meeting, Mr. Liu Heng introduced about the objective, content, agenda and significance of the activity and the briefings of IN-SHP. Then, Mr. Chen Shengshui, director of HRC, also gave an introduction about the measures taken to promote the development of HRC including structural reform and talent cultivation. During the meeting, the two parties also held talks on the future cooperation and reached preliminary consensus.

   Ms. Cheng Xialei, executive deputy director of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification, Mr. Li Zhigang and Mr. Xu Jincai, deputy directors of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification and the related departments chiefs attended the discussion meeting. (2008-11-11)



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