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3rd and 4th Training Workshop 2008 on Safety Supervisor of Rural Hydropower System Concluded with Success

   ---The 3rd and 4th training workshop 2008 on safety supervisor of rural hydropower system, as entrusted by Rural Hydropower & Electrification Development Bureau of MWR, wrapped up with full success in late October by HRC at the picturesque West Lake. In total, 95 participants from 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) attended the training.

   In accordance with the content of the State Council on clearing and standardizing activities regarding professional qualification evaluation, HRC stepped up its efforts in the formulation of training objective and syllabus, the arrangement of training courses, examination and registration. This training not only helped raise the overall safety awareness and updated safety knowledge for participants, but also equipped all participants with new knowledge in many aspects including formulating emergency preplans. After the training, assessment concerning scheme, implementation, logistics and effect of the training, was conducted in the form of questionnaire by participants, with 84.21% of the forms retrieved and a comprehensive assessment mark of 91.7 scored. In recognition of all the efforts paid by HRC for this training, participants noted in succession at the closing banquet that they had learned a lot through this training about new safety knowledge and some important safety regulations as well as approaches to analyze and deal with accidents. It was also noted that this kind of training should be promoted to popularize hydropower safety knowledge and to further bring hydropower into full play in the electricity supply nationwide. (2008-11-03)



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