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2008 SHP Training Workshop for Africa Concluded with Success

   ---On Sept. 22nd, in the golden season of autumn, the 40-day-long Training Workshop on SHP for African Countries wrapped up with success. The solemn closing ceremony was held as scheduled in the multi-functional hall of HRC. Leaders, professors and working staff of HRC and altogether 32 technical officials in the filed of hydropower and energy from 17 African countries congregated for the ceremony. The special guest, a chief from Zhejiang Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau, also took time off and came for the ceremony.
   With melodious music, rosy flowers and genial smiles, the closing ceremony commenced, which was presided over by Mr. Pan Daqing, the chief of Division of Foreign Affaires and Training, HRC. It started with the address of Mr. Fan Aihua, division chief from Zhejiang Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau. Mr. Fan extended his congratulations on the smooth progress and successful conclusion of the training workshop, his heartfelt thanks to all the professors and working staff for their painstaking efforts and his respect to all the participants for the great efforts they made during the training. It was noted in his address that Chinese government had attached great importance to the exchange of politics and culture and cooperation of trade and economy with developing countries, and that Chinese government had strengthened its efforts on the cooperation with African countries especially after the Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum. It was hoped that all the participants could make new contributions to the development of SHP for their own countries and lay a more solid foundation for the cooperation in the field of SHP between China and African countries when they returned to their countries.
   Ms. Cheng Xialei, executive deputy director of HRC, on behalf of Mr. Chen Shengshui, director of HRC, and all the working staff, expressed the congratulations to all the participants on the successful conclusion of their study in China. It was believed that they would provide better service in the development of SHP for their own countries in the near future and become not only the important bridge connecting countries in the aspect of SHP technology and economic and trade cooperation, but also the disseminator of cultures and friendship. Besides, she thanked the participants for their cooperation during the training course, which, to a large extent, guaranteed the smooth progress of the whole program. To finalize her speech, she kindly said to all, "you would be HRC Alumni forever from this day on and you would be warmly welcome back to HRC anytime."
   Then, Mr.Zhu Xiaozhang, honorary director of HRC, gave a speech in earnest and sincerity regarding "communication & language barrier" and "foreign economic & trade cooperation", which revealed his original and profound views. The perfect combination of humorous words and sagacious analysis inspired the participants a lot.
   Speeches of leaders won rounds of unanimous applauses from the audience.
   On behalf of all participants, Mr. Oumar, monitor of the class, extended his gratefulness to the Chinese government and Chinese people, the sponsor the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the organizer HRC. All the words in his speech represented the heartfelt gratitude of all participants'heart. "During the past 40 days, we have learned a lot about China's advanced technology in SHP and its rich experience in SHP helps raise our theoretical and technical level." ¡­¡­ "We study here and tour around here, and the happy moment of cultural exchange and Sino-African friendship passes without being noticed." ¡­¡­ "We also thank all the leaders, professors and working staff of HRC and Ruidi Hotel for their hospitality and gracious service. Please believe that we will spare no effort to maintain and develop the friendship between Chinese and African people when we return to our countries." ¡­¡­ "The good opportunities of knowledge exchange and technical training provided by Chinese government forcefully guarantee the development and advancement of social economy of African countries." ¡­¡­ "Vive l'amiti¨¦ sino-africaine (Long Live Sino-African Friendship)! "¡­¡­
   After the closing ceremony, with certificates issued by Chinese Ministry Of Commerce and presents from HRC in hands, and bright smiles in faces, the participants took photos with the professors and leaders. All shared the same dream, which was: hand in hand, do more for the global development of SHP.
   Although the training workshop came to its end, the tree of friendship will be evergreen, just as the toasts delivered by Dr. Xu Jincai, deputy director of HRC in the farewell party: "HRC is always and will be forever all participants' home in China, the cooperation in the field of hydropower in the future is more than welcome".(2008-09-27)



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