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Vice Minister Hu Siyi Inspected HRC

   ---On June 12, Vice Minister of Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) Mr. Hu Siyi inspected HRC, accompanied by Mr. Tian Zhongxing, Director of Bureau of Rural Electrification, MWR, Mr. Liu Zhiguang, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, MWR, as well as the Division Chiefs Mr. Wu Hongwei, Mr. Jinhai and Mr. Zhu Shoufeng, etc.

    Mr. Zhang Jianyun, President of Nangjing Hydrualic Research Institute, extended warm welcome to Vice Minister Hu and the other leaders from the MWR, and expressed high appreciation to MWR for the great concern and continuous support to HRC.

    After listening to the Work Report delivered by Dr. Chen Shengshui, Director of HRC, Vice Minister Hu highly evaluated HRC's achievements, which had been scored under the correct leadership of NHRI and based on the great support of related departments and bureaus of MWR as well as the joint effort of HRC staff. Moreover, Vice Minister Hu made an important speech on HRC's work focus of the next stage. He required that HRC should put emphasis on rural hydropower development, take full advantage of its own to participate in the missions related to rural hydropower at the ministry and state level, such as the planning on rural hydropower development, the research on the relevant principles and policies, the issues on rural hydropower management and technology progress, and the establishment of technical standards concerned, etc. And great attention should be paid to the current restraining factors to rural hydropower development, inclusive of the relocation and ecological environment problems caused by hydropower exploitation. Having the long-term view in mind, we should think about the self-sustainable development for the organization in the "Post Hydropower Period". Vice Minister Hu also made clarifications in response to some issues concerned by HRC staff, and expressed that he would continuously pay attention to the construction of HRC's scientific research platform, and meanwhile, HRC was demanded to make full preparation and create condition actively.

    On behalf of Bureau of Rural Electrification and Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, Director Tian and Director Liu respectively put forward the concrete requirements on HRC's future development.

    The meeting was presided by President Zhang Jianyuan, with the attendance of the HRC leaders, division chiefs, senior engineers and some retired leaders.(2007-06-21)




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