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Training Course on SHP Concluded Successfully

   ---A beautiful sunny day again in Hangzhou! Recalling the wonderful opening ceremony of the training course on SHP, it seems to have just happened yesterday. Time flies! 52 days and nights passed, so quickly we saw the date of today there in calendar, i.e. February 7, 2007. Cherishing the fruitful results, 42 participants from 30 countries all over the world gathered again with pleasure, to celebrate the successful conclusion of the program.

   The same delicate and charming flowers, the same commodious and bright multifunction hall in HRC, the same sincere and heartfelt smiling however, with the brand-new feeling. All the participants, as sisters and brothers in a big and harmonious family, during this period, studied hard and enjoyed the pleasant time together, learning from each other, offering assistance to each other; and showing care to each other. "After the unremitting cultivation under sunshine, a good harvest would be gained with no doubt." At the time to say goodbye, so much to say, so much to remember

   HRC leaders delivered speeches respectively, highly evaluated the diligence, solidarity and kind cooperation given by all the participants. It was also repeated that HRC would spare no efforts to make further contribution to global SHP development.

   In succession, the participants made their speeches one after another, and sincerely expressed their heartfelt thankfulness. Besides the gratitude to the great financial support from the Chinese government, they were also grateful to HRC for what has been done for the training, inclusive of the considerate arrangement and the good service. They would return home with the fruitful results and the kind friendship between China and their countries. Moreover, they would put what they learned into practice, and make great contribution to local SHP development in future.

   An unforgettable farewell evening party was held for the participants in HRC that day.(2007-02-09)




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