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GC high oil-pressure hydraulic operator
  GC high oil-pressure hydraulic operator adopts the modern hydraulic pressure technology under the computer-based control system for application at unit starting, paralleling-in, load increase or decrease for SHP. It can safely close the wicket gate in emergency. With the simple structure, high reliability, excellent performance, GC is an easily operated and maintained operator. It's suitable for hydropower stations without frequency-regulation requirement.

  The main features:
  1. Use standard hydraulic parts like the high-pressure gear pump and the hydraulic valve to ensure its high reliability in operation
  2. High working pressure (up to 16Mpa), small size and light in weight
  3. The bag-type energy storage is adopted, and the nitrogen inside the bag does not directly contact the oil as to protect the oil quality. There is little leakage of nitrogen, thus no need for nitrogen compensation
  4. The return oil box is separated from the pressure oil tank and the governor shaft is not needed, which simplifies the powerhouse layout

  1. The hydraulic servo-motor works according to the incoming signal for close or open, and the servo-motor will be in still state when there is no incoming signal
  2. The hydraulic servo-motor will quickly move to the full closing position in case of receiving the emergency incoming signal or the loss of power supply.
  3. Oil pump can be manually or automatically controlled by the switch-on of control panel.
  4. The pump motor is relay protected. When the motor is over loaded, the temperature relay triggers and the circuit breaker will be tripped to cut off the power supply.

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