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HRC-Powerbase automation system
  HRC-Powerbase automation system is a product of HRC cooporated with the Powerbase Automation System Inc. of Canada. This product is composed of a Station Computer and Local Control Units (LCUs). The station computer can perform supervisory control on the operation of LCUs logging, operational reporting, data processing, parameter displaying, accident reporting, parameter amending and communication with local SCADA. The LCU can perform the functions such as, the control, measuring, and protection for the generator unit, the transformer, the transmission line and the auxiliary equipment. The LCU comprises of the integral and the optional modules. Each module contains a series of high-speed microcomputers and fault-tolerant safety circuits, pre-coded with the necessary operation software to control a specific operating function. The modules are compacted in the standard switchgear rack of each turbine/generator set. A GDI-20 Graphics Display Module is mounted on the panel of each switchgear rack to communicate with other modules inside the rack, providing operation, protection and metered data. The proprietary Optocom optically isolated interface bus allows for the complete inter-module communication. For low-voltage units, the control modules and the terminal circuit-breaker of generator can be integrated into one cubicle. The HRC-Powerbase automatic control system offers a low-cost, modular approach to the automation for hydropower stations with the unit capacity of less than 10 MW, providing a unique and complete control system from water to wire.

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