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DZWX automatic control system for low-voltage units
  DZWX automatic control system for low-voltage units (A.C. 400V, no more than 630kW) is a cost effective and highly reliable system designed for small hydropower stations in rural areas. DZWX system can make hydropower stations in unmanned control operation.
  1. unit auto-start
  2. unit auto-stop
  3. emergency stop
  4. auto frequency-control
  5. auto-synchronization
  6. over-voltage protection/li>
  7. low-voltage protection
  8. over-speed protection
  9. low-frequency protection
  10. over-current protection
  11. over-load protection
  12. data acquisition of all the A.C. parameters
  13. high-voltage side of transformer can be measured by conventional instruments
  1. one control panel for each unit
  2. one control panel for each unit
  3. PLC-based control
  4. no need for auto-governor
  5. auto synchronizing
  6. simple operating, easy installation for A.C. 400V units no more than 630kVA
  7. the central control computer used for integrated control, data logging, monitoring and printing in stations with multi-units, as well as the integrated management and dispatching for several stations through telecommunication

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